SAP NetWeaver 7.3 – Portal Features


The latest release of SAP NetWeaver platform is used by SAP customers to complement their business applications with technology components that enable

  • Faster adaptation to their business processes
  • Better integration into other SAP and non-SAP applications
  • Increased operational efficiency of their SAP systems
  • Includes new features and enhanced support for open standards across all of its major components

SAP NetWeaver 7.3, based on the principles of a service-oriented architecture (SOA), optimizes the return on their SAP investment by allowing customers to evolve their

Current IT landscapes into flexible business process.

SAP NetWeaver 7.3 is a consolidated release for all NetWeaver installation options

  • SAP NetWeaver Portal,
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse,
  • SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment/Business Process Management,
  • SAP NetWeaver Process Integration,
  • SAP NetWeaver Mobile


Below are the New Features which can be used as part of NW 7.3:

  • Web Page Composer – WPC 2.0
  • Integrating external Favorites
  • Wiki and Forums
  • Integrating external search providers
  • Ajax Framework
  • SAP NetWeaver Mobile component


Managing and Mashing up Portal Pages with Web Page Composer

 Web page composer is Portal capability which will help users to create, maintain and publish portal content which are static, web content and applications.

As part of NW 7.3 advance WPC with version 2.0 is release, below are the key features for WPC 2.0.

In-built workflow can help in tracking the content. The standard mail clients can be used for workflow notifications purpose. Content handlers are used for handling the notifications and modifications to the page.

Advance capabilities like publish scheduling and mashups.

Mashups: Connections between iViews which are running on same page. You can setup connections to pass the data from one iView to another iView on same page.

Advance API’s which will help to integrate content from custom content providers.

Daily/weekly transport of PCD content is not required.

With this it helps in reducing lot of efforts in terms of content management, change management.

This will enable Portal developers to focus on core tasks and innovation, and business users can create the content on the fly.


Integrating External Favorites

Extend portal favorites functionality.

You can integrate favorites from various external sources.

With NW 7.3 SAP is providing the Favorites Provider API’s which can be used to integrate external sources and you can make them available from the favorites menu.


Building Communities with Wikis and Forums

Wikis and Forums are the new functionalities introduced as part of NW 7.3.

Users can create and build communities to easily share and contribute knowledge and information.

Framework for collaborative writing and posting ideas.

Forums will help share information and opinions about specific subjects or questions.

Customizing options as per the requirements.

Inbuilt reporting to gather metrics and for usage reports.


Integrating External Search Providers

Extended search capabilities of the portal.

With NW 7.3 SAP is providing the Search Provider API’s which can be used to integrate external search providers and you can make them available in the Search Box in masthead.

Users have option to search using multiple search providers.

Admin can add, edit, remove new search providers and has capabilities to set default search provider.


By default Ajax Framework page

With the NW 7.3 a new Ajax based framework page is introduced.

It had enhanced client side caching and asynchronous data transfer from server to client.

There is significant improvement in the usability.

With NW 7.3, reduced portal server load and flicker-free Portal experience.


Deployment of Portal applications

With NW 7.3 the creating PAR file mechanism for Portal applications is not supported and it replaced with EAR application deployment mechanism.

A new tool is provided called PAR migration tool to migrate all the existing PAR files from previous Portal version to NW 7.3 Portal.


SAP NetWeaver Mobile component 

Help to Mobilize business processes

Using mobile component one can create applications that provide access to information and processes on a variety of mobile devices.

New and enhanced features in Mobile Client.

New and enhanced features in Mobile Administration.

New and enhanced features in Mobile Development.

Above Features are very high level features. I will be covering these feature details and rest of the NW 7.3 features in subsequent blogs.