NetWeaver Portal 7.3 – New Features

The new improvements in the NetWeaver Portal 7.3 include:

  • Application Integration,
  • The exciting possibility of using Mashups,
  • The improvements to the Web Page Composer,
  • The use of the Ajax Framework,
  • Additions to Knowledge Management and the Universal Worklist.



In NetWeaver Portal 7.3, SAP provides many more Business Packages. These are pre-assembled content bundles for completing business tasks. Portal users are familiar with the very successful Employee Self Service and Managers Self Service, but now there are more to choose from for example the Buyer Business Package. These packages can now be implemented with the new Simplified Implementation Process.


To help the Content Administrators, NetWeaver Portal 7.3 contains simplified Portal content creation and maintenance. Examples of this are a top-down approach, transport with Sync folder and Role Upload. The changes to the Role editor allow added freedom to create their own roles with no predefined structure.


The most visible change is created by the use of the Ajax Framework in NetWeaver Portal 7.3. This includes the support for:

  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA),
  • New Portal themes SAP Trade Show (Plus),
  • New SAP signature design,
  • New intuitive and harmonized look and feel,
  • Flexible and easy customization and enhanced performance with client/server balancing.


The latest portal concentrates on creating modern solutions that are appealing to the end users. Besides the familiar Default Framework Page and the Light Framework Page SAP now delivers the Ajax Framework Page (runs on the Ajax Framework). The Ajax Framework gives the users improved usability, quicker response times and zero footprint. The administrators benefit with powerful tools for configuration and branding, increased openness and improved scalability and performance. For the developers there are add-on widgets, a flexible infrastructure, an open framework and it is based on common standards. There are many advantages with using the Ajax Framework: personalization, flexibility, usability and functionality.


Within the Web Page Composer, it is now possible to connect iViews for Mashup scenarios (define connections between different iViews not only those iViews that can use the Enterprise Portal Client Framework). The Forums have been enhanced with easy installation, translation into 26 NetWeaver languages, added governance features, customer branding, accessibilities standards and ease of use. The inclusion of SAP’s Wiki solution give the following advantages: the Wiki is free, easy installation, permission concept for the wiki, flexibility, content control, customer branding, 26 NetWeaver languages and accessibility standards. There are many improvements on the Knowledge Management area with the direction in the future to allow enhanced scenarios by partners.