SAP BASIS and Monitoring

SAP slogan says “Run Simple!”. This is may be suitable for the business and end users. But as far as the BASIS teams is concerned, managing the growing and diversifying SAP landscapes and lifecycle is huge thing and it is not simple. The move to new SAP technologies (such as HANA, Sybase, BOBJ, virtualization, cloud, etc.) has requires more requirements, demands and knowledge on the BASIS, Infrastructure and IT Operations teams. One example of this includes deployments of SAP HANA. You will need to protect it with a Business Continuity strategy for High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

SAP monitoring and incident management are big parts of SAP support and regardless who is responsible for it, needs to be performed.

Literally thousands of alerts and metrics make up what is commonly known as CCMS (Computer Center Management System). Eventually, these will be neglected as they take so much time to monitor and as the number of systems multiply, they quickly become impractical to manage.

To the help to automation of basic BASIS monitoring task, a basic checklist is useful for spot checks, and regular health check of the system, and may contain the following for an ABAP system:


Transaction Description
DB01 Database Lockwaits & Deadlock
DB02 Database Allocation
DB12 Backup / Restore Information
DB13 Scheduled DB jobs
ST04 DB Performance Analysis (or use DBACOCKPIT)
SM50 Process Overview (SM51 or SM66 other view)
SM13 Update Records
SM21 System Log
SM37 Select Background jobs (or RZ01 for graphical view of jobs)
SM12 Lock Entry List
SM04 Users (or AL08 for other view)
SP01 Spool: Request Screen
SP12 TemSe Administration Consistency Check
SM35 Batch input: Initial Screen
ST22 ABAP Dump Analysis
ST03N Workload: Analysis
ST02 Tune Summary
ST06 O/S Monitor
RZ20 CCMS Monitor


Start looking to a system with these transactions includes answers of below questions:

  • What to look for?
  • What to do if a problem is found?
  • How often should they be checked?
  • How to set thresholds?


Literally thousands of alerts and metrics make up what is commonly known as CCMS (Computer Center Management System).


Monitoring Areas (by order of importance)
(Related links will be added time to time.)

  1. Database Lock waits & Deadlocks
  2. Spool Management
  3. Database Allocation & Utilization
  4. Backup / Restore Information
  5. Scheduled DB jobs
  6. DB Performance Analysis
  7. Application Server Resource Utilization: Processes, Dispatcher Queues
  8. Update Records
  9. tRFC & qRFC Queues
  10. System Logs (App, DB, OS)
  11. Background jobs
  12. Application Locks and Enqueue
  13. Users
  14. ABAP Dump Analysis
  15. Workload: Application Performance Analysis
  16. Operating System Monitoring
  17. Connectivity
  18. Security