SAP Content Server Installation on Windows Server 2008

Table of Contents

Content Server Install Guide
Check Content Server is running
Windows Server Tasks before Configuring SAP
Make the Connection to SAP
Appendix A ‐ How to Add IIS in Windows Server 2008
Appendix B ‐ Opening Windows 2008 Server Firewall for SAP Content Server
Appendix C ‐SAP Notes


• Server running Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2 OS
• Java for launching SAP installation Manager
• Web Server IIS with IIS 6 Compatibility Management (see Appendix A on how to install Web Server IIS)
• SAP DVD Serial numbers 50098620 & 51038620 (installation master
• Download the following files from SAP marketplace (found in software downloads in the latest Net Weaver Package download.) 50098620_2, 50098620_3 and the relevant installation master e.g. for Windows 2008 server on X64 51038620_12.


Content Server Install Guide

1. Using 51038620 select correct folder for hardware in use on the server in this example we are installing on e.g. IM_WINDOWS_X86_64.

sap-content-server-installation- (1)


2. In the folder find and launch sapinst.exe.

sap-content-server-installation- (2)


3. Select ‘SAP NetWeaver 7.0 including Enhancement Package…’, then ‘Standalone Engines’, then ‘Content Server’, lastly ‘Content Server and / or Cache Server’ as shown below.

sap-content-server-installation- (3)


4. Click on the highlighted ‘Next’ button as shown below

sap-content-server-installation- (4)


5. Click on the highlighted ‘Browse’ button.

sap-content-server-installation- (5)


6. Locate the file LABEL.ASC on the 50098620_2 download or DVD and click OK.

sap-content-server-installation- (6)


7. Click on the ‘Next’ button to continue

sap-content-server-installation- (7)


8. De‐select Cache Server and select Database Instance and select ‘Next’.

sap-content-server-installation- (8)


9. Review and modify, if required, the installation settings and select ‘Next’

sap-content-server-installation- (9)


10. Click on the browse button.

sap-content-server-installation- (10)


11. Locate the file SDBINST.EXE on the 50098620_3 download or DVD in the corresponding directory for the operating system and type and click ‘OK’.

sap-content-server-installation- (11)


12. Once selected click ‘Next’.

sap-content-server-installation- (12)


13. You will be prompted to enter the passwords for the user accounts ‘superdba’ and ‘control’. Please make a note of what these passwords are as you will need them later.

sap-content-server-installation- (13)


14. database installation parameters and click ‘Next’.

sap-content-server-installation- (14)


15. database log volumes, this is where the log files will be stored, and click on ‘Next’ .

sap-content-server-installation- (15)


16. storage parameters for the database, amending the storage location if required, click ‘Next’.

sap-content-server-installation- (16)


17. and amend previous entries before starting the installation. Click ‘Next’ to start the install.

sap-content-server-installation- (17)


18. The Installation process will start with the progress shown on the screen.

sap-content-server-installation- (18)


19. When complete a message will appear telling you it was successful. Select ‘OK’ to finish.

sap-content-server-installation- (19)