SAP Content Server Installation on Windows Server 2008

Table of Contents

Content Server Install Guide
Check Content Server is running
Windows Server Tasks before Configuring SAP
Make the Connection to SAP
Appendix A ‐ How to Add IIS in Windows Server 2008
Appendix B ‐ Opening Windows 2008 Server Firewall for SAP Content Server
Appendix C ‐SAP Notes

Windows Server Tasks before Configuring SAP

Before trying to connect SAP to the Content Server and to create COntent Repositories it is worth performing the windows server tasks that will prevent SAP from connecting and creating the Content Repositories.

1. Create Inbound Firewall Rule for Content Server, mentioned in the previous section, see Appendix B, for details.
2. Edit the permissions for the users of the SAP_Content_Server to allow ‘Full Control’. This is done by opening Server Manager and expanding ‘Roles’ and
‘Web Server (IIS)’ to highlight ‘Internet Information Services’. In the ‘Connections’ pane right click over ‘SAP_Content_Server’ and select ‘Edit Permissions’ as shown below;

sap-content-server-installation- (21)


Select the ‘Security’ tab and click on ‘Edit’ to change the permissions.

sap-content-server-installation- (22)


Select ‘Users’ and check ‘Full Control’ and click ‘OK’.

sap-content-server-installation- (23)


3. Allow ISAPI restrictions for the ContentServer.dll. In the ‘Connections’ pane highlight the server and then in the main window double click on ‘ISAPI and CGI Restrictions’.

sap-content-server-installation- (24)


The Window will display the restrictions in place. Ensure that the ContentServer.dll is ‘allowed’.
Highlight the ContentServer.dll entry and right click over and select ‘Edit Feature Settings’

sap-content-server-installation- (25)


Check ‘Allow unspecified ISAPI modules’ and click OK.

sap-content-server-installation- (26)


4. Restart IIS server by highlighting the server in the ‘Connections’ pane right click and selecting ‘Stop’.

sap-content-server-installation- (27)


And starting by doing the same again but selecting ‘Start’.

sap-content-server-installation- (28)


5. Enable the Content Server to be used as a Network Service. See SAP Note 658442, appendix C for reference. From the command prompt enter the following;
Change directory so that you are in the ‘C:\Program Files\SAP\Content Server’. At the prompt line enter;

icacls * /grant NETWORKSERVICE:F

sap-content-server-installation- (29)


6. Referencing SAP note 851146, from the command prompt run, go the directory ‘C:\sapdb\programs\pgm’. Enter the following;

icacls sql*.dll /grant NETWORKSERVICE:F

sap-content-server-installation- (30)



7. Referencing check note 301352 in the directory ‘C:\sapdb\programs\pgm’ run the following command.

odbcreg LiveCache –i –p C:\sapdb\programs\pgm

sap-content-server-installation- (31)