Activate &SAP_EDIT in SE16N

The function code &SAP_EDIT, which enables the change mode of transaction SE16N, is deactivated due to security breaches that were detected. In order to activate it (temporarily), follow the steps below:

  • Go to SE16N, as usual, and type the table for which you want to make modifications.
  • Instead of typing &SAP_EDITin the command field, type /Hand press “Enter” key to activate debugging.
  • Press F8 key to enter the data browser for the above table.
  • If you are using EHP6, then you may need to press F7 for several times to reach to the Screen 100 of program SAPLSE16N
  • While in debugging mode & once you are in Screen 100, enter the two variables GD-EDIT and GD-SAPEDIT and press “Enter” key.
  • For each variable, click on the change button, change the value to an uppercase “X” and press “Enter” key.
  • Press F8 key to exit debugging and enter the table in change mode.

Here is how the Entry to be changed in the debug mode.