SAP MaxDB Installation on Windows and Linux


For installing or uninstalling the SAP MaxDB software in SAP systems please refer to the following information (login required):

Note: The following description only applies to SAP MaxDB as a standalone database or when used for developing your own applications using the SAP MaxDB interfaces. You can download the SAP MaxDB Community edition from the SAP MaxDB download area in SDN.

SAP MaxDB is easy to install. If you accept the default installation values, the complete SAP MaxDB software will be installed and a demo database will be created. The default software installation initially uses about 500 MB of storage space. Please note that the required storage space grows while using the database. The initial database size is extended automatically as soon as the fill level of the data area reaches 90%. For the current system requirements, see SAP MaxDB – Supported Platforms and Architectures.

After installing SAP MaxDB, you can immediately start using the software using the command line tools that are part of the software packages. If you prefer using a GUI tool for database administration, we recommend that you install Database Studio.

For more information on how to proceed after installing the software, see Getting Started with SAP MaxDB.


1. Installing the Database Software and Creating a Database

1.1. Microsoft Windows
1. Download the software package for Microsoft Windows to a local directory.
2. Go to the directory that contains the SAP MaxDB package you have downloaded.
3. Double-click the package.
4. Choose Start installation/upgrade.


5. Follow the instructions of Installation Manager.




6. If you want to use the database for the SAP MaxDB tutorials, enter DEMODB as the database name, and DBADMIN with the password SECRET as the database system administrator.



7. To start the installation, choose Install.






8. After finishing the installation, reboot Microsoft Windows.

Note: In some system environments you may encounter an error message when closing the Installation Manager. You can avoid this by unpacking the software package after downloading it and starting the Installation Manager directly by executing SDBSETUP.exe.