Terminate a User Session in SAP

Sometimes there will be a requirement to terminate a user session.
For example: An user has run a report or program with inappropriate selection criteria, which leads work process going to PRIV mode occupying so much memory impacting performance of the system. In those cases, you will have to check with the user and terminate his session or logoff user system wide if he is no longer working.


Terminate a user from the system either locally or system wide
Go to SM04 transaction. Select the user to be terminated. In the below example am terminating user TEST from the system.


Go to User -> Log off user -> Local (To log off user from this instance alone)
Go to User -> Log off user -> System-Wide (To log off user from all the instances of the system)



Terminate a process in SAP
If you would like to terminate a particular process of a user which is impacting a system proceed as follows :
Go to SM50 and identify the process and highlight the same. Go to Process -> Cancel without core and execute the same.


System prompts you to confirm the deletion of process.


Click on Yes to confirm the termination. System terminates the process and prompts a message on the screen confirming the same as below



Please note in the above scenario, a process can be terminated through “Process -> Cancel with core” option also but in this case core file will get generated regarding the same.