Sybase SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform) acronyms and definitions

Sybase SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform) has a whole new world of acronyms and definitions…

Here’s a small reference guide:

  • APNS (Apple Push Notification Service): iOS offering enabling messages/notifications/updates to be pushed to iOS devices
  • CDB (Cache Database): Data storage within the SUP system – data is stored with reference to MBOs
  • CRUD (Create Update Delete): Refers to database operations a user may wish to perform
  • DAD (Device Application Designer): SUP tool enabling the developer to create mobile applications (currently supports Windows Mobile and BlackBerry)
  • DCN (Data Change Notification): Push updates to the CDB from the EIS (the alternative is scheduled – pull – updates)
  • DOE (Data Orchestration Engine): SAP solution for data consolidation, realignment and staging for mobile technology
  • EIS (Enterprise Information Server): The source system. In our world this is SAP but it could refer to any database or ERP system
  • FFA (Field Force Automation): The use of technology to enable workers outside of the traditional office environment to send and access data in real-time
  • iMO (iAnywhere Mobile Office): Sybase product enabling wireless email and business process mobilisation
  • IIOP (Internet Inter Orb Protocol): Protocol for communication over the internet
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation): Simple format for data exchange over the internet (used as an alternative to XML)
  • LBO (Local Business Object): An MBO stored on a mobile device. Used for lightweight storage e.g. user details
  • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol): Software protocol enabling anyone to locate resources in a network via the internet or intranet
  • MBO (Mobile Business Object): An object in SUP relating to a real-world object e.g. purchase order. MBOs have attributes and operations (like a class) and data is stored in SUP with reference to these objects
  • MBS (Message Based System): Data updates are sent from the CDB to the mobile device using message functionality e.g. when customer details change
  • MDS (Mobile Device Service): BlackBerry solution for uploading, maintaining and managing applications on BlackBerry devices
  • MDM (Mobile Device Management): Functionality that allows you to roll out, update and wipe applications and data from devices
  • MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform): Middleware between the mobile device and SAP
  • MLI (Multi-Level-Insert): Synchronisation of multiple MBOs in a single operation
  • mMOM (mobile Message Oriented Middleware): Infrastructure to send and receive messages between systems, focused on mobile applications
  • MMS (Mobile Middleware Services): Use of middleware to communicate between mobile devices and SAP
  • RBS (Replication Based System): Data is replicated from the CDB to the mobile device on a scheduled or triggered basis
  • SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrolment Protocol): Handles the issuing and revocation of digital certificates
  • SIS (Server Initiated Synchronisation): Push synchronisation between the CDB and the mobile device
  • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture): System architecture designed to package functionality as a suite of services that may be accessed by other systems
  • SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform): Sybase’s mobile enterprise architecture i.e. the middleware between the mobile device and SAP
  • ULJ (UltraLiteJ): Java-based subset of UltraLite allowing data storage on BlackBerry phones