RSUSR000 Currently Active Users
RSUSR002 Users by Complex Selection Criteria
RSUSR002_ADDRESS Users by address data
RSUSR003 Check the Passwords of Users SAP* and DDIC in All Clients
RSUSR004 Restrict User Values to the Following Simple Profiles and Auth. Ob
RSUSR005 List of Users With Critical Authorizations
RSUSR006 Locked Users and Users with Incorrect Logons
RSUSR007 Display Users with Incomplete Address Data
RSUSR008 Critical Combinations of Authorizations at Transaction Start
RSUSR008_009_C01 Include rsusr008_009_C01
RSUSR008_009_F01 Include rsusr008_009_F01
RSUSR008_009_NEW List of Users With Critical Authorizations
RSUSR009 List of Users With Critical Authorizations
RSUSR010 Transactions for User, with Profile or Authorization
RSUSR011 Lists of transactions after selection by user, profile or obj.
RSUSR012 Search authorizations, profiles and users with specified object va
RSUSR020 Profiles by Complex Selection Criteria
RSUSR030 Authorizations by Complex Selection Criteria
RSUSR040 Authorization Objects by Complex Selection Criteria
RSUSR050 Comparisons
RSUSR060 Where-used lists
RSUSR060OBJ Where-Used List for Authorization Object in Programs and Transacti
RSUSR061 Enter Authorization Fields
RSUSR070 Roles by Complex Selection Criteria
RSUSR080 Users by License Data
RSUSR100 Change Documents for Users
RSUSR100N Change Documents for Users
RSUSR101 Change Documents for Profiles
RSUSR102 Change Documents for Authorizations
RSUSR200 List of Users According to Logon Date and Password Change
RSUSR300 Set External Security Name for All Users
RSUSR301 Fill non-checking transactions with auth.object S TCODE
RSUSR302 Delete authorization check on object S TCODE from table TSTCA
RSUSR304 Reload Table TSTCA From Table TSTCA_C
RSUSR400 Test Environment Authorization Checks (SAP Systems Only)
RSUSR401 Report to give all SAPCPIC users profile S_A.CPIC
RSUSR402 Download user data for CA manager from Secude
RSUSR403 Assign Profile S_A.CPIC to User SAPCPIC in Current Client
RSUSR404 Conversion Program for Authorizations of Basis Development Environ
RSUSR405 Reset all user buffers in all clients (uncritical)
RSUSR406 Automatically Generate Profile SAP_ALL
RSUSR406_OLD Automatically Generate Profile SAP_ALL
RSUSR408 XPRA: Conversion of USOBX-OKFLAG, USOBX-MODIFIED for upgrade tool
RSUSR409 Transfer all translated titles to generated transaction codes
RSUSR421 Clean-up report: TSTC-CINFO if no check in TSTCA
RSUSR500 User Administration: Compare Users in Central System
RSUSR500D Report RSUSR500D
RSUSR998 Call Reporting Tree Info System
RSUSRCOM Check for Old/New Translation Environment
RSUSRDIR Include rsusrDIR
RSUSREXT Enter Correct SNC Names in Table View VUSREXTID (from SAP R/3 4.5)
RSUSREXTID Enter Correct SNC Names in Table View VUSREXTID (from SAP R/3 4.5)
RSUSRLOG Log Display for Central User Administration
RSUSRSCUC CUA: Synchronization of the Company Addresses
RSUSRSUIM User Information System
RSUSR_S_USER_SAS Activate Authorization Object S_USER_SAS
RSUSR_S_USER_SAS_01 Complete Authorization Data for S_USER_SAS in Roles
RSUSR_S_USER_SAS_02 Convert Authorization Defaults
RSUSR_SYSINFO_PROFILE Report cross-system information/profile
RSUSR_SYSINFO_ROLE Report cross-system information/role
RSUSR_SYSINFO_ZBV Report cross-system information/***
SR002E10 Events in Report rsusr002
SR002F10 Subroutines for Report rsusr002
SR002TOP Data Declarations for Report rsusr002
SR050E10_ALV Ereignisse im Report rsusr500
SR050E10 Events in Report rsusr500 (Comparison Tools for Info System)
SR050F10 Functions, Forms in Report rsusr500 (Comparison Tools for Info System)
SR100E10 Events in Report rsusr100
SR100F10 Subroutines for Report rsusr100