SAP Defining Output Devices with Authorization Groups

1. Assign the output devices to a group

Example zpdf1 and zpdf2 to group ZPDF_GRP

spad -> output device -> ZPDF1 Authorization Group -> ZPDF_GRP

spad-> output device -> ZPDF2 Authorization Group -> ZPDF_GRP


2. Create/Assigned/Comparison the device authorization for the authorization group (object S_SPO_DEV)

Example zpdf1 and zpdf2 to group ZPDF_GRP

pfcg-> Select single role for user authorization Add object -> Manually ->S_SPO_DEV

Add value ->  %LOC and ZPDF_GRP


Save& Generate profile & users compare [Case single role or mass comparison PFUD for single/composite role]


Test Print

No Pass For LOCL


Pass For ZPDF1 or ZPDF2