SAP Audit Transaction Codes

SM20 Analysis of Security audit Log
SM19 Security audit Configuration
SM18 Reorganize Security audit Log
SM20N Analysis of Security audit Log
PLMD_AUDIT Audit Management
SECR Obsolete: audit Information System
PIQAUD_MP_CP Audit (Process-Dependent)
PIQAUD_MP_CS Audit (Process-Independent)
PLMC_AUDIT Audit Management: Customizing
OINM Object Link Medium
USMM Customer Measurement
AUT10 Evaluation of audit Trail
S_AHR_61016380 Logged Changes in Infotype Data
BDM7 ALE audit: statistical analyses
RSAU_SELECT_EVENTS Display audit Events (Batch Proc.)
BDM8 ALE audit: Sending the confirmations
WPED Sales audit Editor
VIBD Printing: Analysis form data audit
VXDA SLS: audit Trail – Customer Master
VXLA Legal Control: SLS – audit Trail
VXKA SLS: audit Trail: Vendor Master
PLM_AUDITMONITOR Audit Management: Evaluations