MS SQL Server Upgrade from 2008 R2 to 2012 at SAP Systems

Based on recent MS SQL upgrade project , today I am hereby tracking out all the required steps to upgrade MS SQL database of SAP SYSTEM from 2008 R2 to 2012.

Platform details:

1. SAP System : SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EHP2 with EHP5 for ERP 6.0 and AFS V6.05
Running modules: SD, MM, PP, QM, FI, CO, HR, AFS, TR
2. MS SQL Server: 2008 R2 (Version: 10.50.2769.00)
3. Server OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

Please check the pre-requisite of SAP-ABAP, SAP-BASIS kernel details as per SAP Note 1676665 and SAp Note 1651862 . Based on NW 7.0 EHP2 SP16, I have kept dependent components in following stage:

Kernel : 721 UC – 500 (Extended)
SAP_ABA : Rel (702), Level (0016)
SAP_BASIS : Rel (702), Level (0016)

One more pre-requisite is there that MS SQL 2008 R2 should be upgraded to SP1 or to later version. You can download the support pack from based on your requirement like X64, IA64, X86 . After downloading the .exe file execute the file (Run as Administrator) . Please note that during upgrading database, stop all the SAP instance and MMC.

After completion of fulfilling all the pre-requisites, follow the below steps to upgrade database to MS SQL 2012:

1. Download the MS SQL 2012 database dump from SMP ( -> Database and Database Patches -> MS SQL Server -> Database -> then select the version and download with your S – ID)
2. Stop all the SAP instances.
3. Run setup.exe (Application) available under ‘MS_SQL_2012R2\51046000\x86-x64\EnterpriseEdition’.
4. Select ‘Installation’ under SQL server installation Center and then click on ‘Upgrade from MS SQL 2005 or from MS SQL 2008’.
5. Then press NEXT till you end the upgrade. (During this operation, it will check whether required space is available or not in installation drive, so if it shows warning , then increase the size as per new requirement)
6. Once upgrade gets completed , run SWPM.
Not: You can download SWPM from ->Support Packages and Patches -> S -> ” SL TOOLSET” SL TOOLSET 1.0″ -> Entry by Component -> ” Software Provisioning Manager ” -> SOFTWARE PROVISIONING MGR 1.0 -> Windows server X 64 64 bit (as per my req.) -> Then download ‘Software Provisioning Manager1.0 SP2 for NW higher than 7.0x ‘ .
7. Select ‘Generic Installation Options’ -> ‘MS SQL Server’ -> ‘Database Tools’ -> ‘Database Upgrade Completion’ and execute.
8. Give profile location and password of SIDADM and click NEXT.
9. In case you get ‘database Connection issue’, please maintain following environmental variable in SAP server :
dbs/mss/server= <local host name>
10. In case any issue appears , you can view the logs under “<Drive>:\Program Files\sapinst_instdir\GENERIC\MSS\DBTOOLS\MSS\YUP\. “.
11. After successful completion of upgrade and synchronization, start SAP instance from MMC and check the version of MS SQL in both SQL studio and SAP front-end (System details).

I hope these steps would surely help.