Input history on SAP GUI is not displayed on Windows 7

The SAP GUI input history is no longer working (input history is not displayed).

Sometimes SAP GUI history stops working after some 3rd party software components like Adobe Reader, Irfan Viewer, have been opened in SAP GUI. The error in trace is: CSapHistoryDb::GetHistoryList: Microsoft JET Database Engine Syntax error (comma) in query expression.In the SAP GUI traces error messages like
“CSapHistoryDb::GetHistoryList: Microsoft JET Database Engine Syntax error (comma) in query expression”
can be found.

During runtime of SAP GUI a 3rd party program launched by SAP GUI alters the syntax of SQL statements (from using “,” to using “.” in numbers) at some arbitrary time. This leads to the execution error mentioned above since SAP GUI’s SQL statements cannot be executed anymore. This malfunction causes the observed SAP GUI History errors.

Known programs which cause the defect are:

  • EAI Viewer
  • Irfan Viewer
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader



To prevent the issue described in this note, the following workaround has been introduced.

If the registry value “UseDot” (of type DWORD) is set to 1 under the path:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP\SAPGUI front\SAP Frontend Server\LocalData
the comma symbol in SQL statement will be replaced with the dot.
This prevents the SQL execution error. This registry setting has to be done manually.

>>> Please create this value if it doesn’t exist.