HANA Log Volume is full


The logvolume is full and the database doesn’t accept any new requests.
Other Terms

HANA, in-Memory, logvolume, full, no requests
Reason and Prerequisites

The log volume is full and the database does not respond or start anymore

1. Stop the database:
HDB stop

2. Change into the folder mnt00001 of the logvolume (Default: /usr/sap/<SID>/global/hdb/log):
cd /usr/sap/<SID>/global/hdb/log/mnt00001

3. You have to move one of the logvolumes temporarily to another volume where enough space is available. You should free at least 2 GB of space to ensure that the database has enough space to start. To find out the space consumption of each volume execute:
du -sh *

4. Move a volume which consumes at least 2 GB of space (e.g. hdb00003) to a volume with enough free space, e.g. to the data volume (Default: /usr/sap/<SID>/global/hdb/data):
mv hdb00003 /usr/sap/<SID>/global/hdb/data

5. Create a symbolic link to the new folder in the old location:
ln -s /usr/sap/<SID>/global/hdb/data/hdb00003 /usr/sap/<SID>/global/hdb/log/mnt00001/hdb00003

6. Start the database (HDB start) and perform a backup.

7. Wait until log backups are performed.

8. Use the following SQL-Statement to clean up the logvolume:

9. Stop the database again and remove the symbolic link:
rm -f /usr/sap/<SID>/global/hdb/log/mnt00001/hdb00003

10. Move the log volume back to its original location:
mv /usr/sap/<SID>/global/hdb/data/hdb00003 /usr/sap/<SID>/global/hdb/log/mnt00001

11. Start the database (HDB start)