Change SAP logo with company logo

Create a gif file.Execute transaction SMW0.
Select Binary data for WebRFC applications and click the find button.
On the next screen enter development class SWF and click the execute button.
Go to Settings (r) Maintain MIME types.
Click New
Mime Type = image/gif, Name extension =*.gif
Click save, back, then new again
Mime Type = image/jpeg, Name extension =*.jpeg
Click save, back, back.
Click the create button.
Enter the object name and description, T01_CUSTOM_LOGON_IMAGE , and click the import button.
Select the image file you edited and saved.
Click Transfer.
Confirm the pop-up about having to use an SAP development class.
In the next screen enter development class SWF.
This is the same development class as the SAP standard image stored in the RIPPLE object.
Click the save button and confirm the warning about the original system being set to SAP.
Then create a transportExecute transaction SM30.
Enter SSM_CUST as the table/view and click Maintain, click OK
Create a new entry named START_IMAGE. Enter the name of the object holding the image created earlier.
Click save, ok, ok, back
Change Hide_Start_image to No, click save

Click new session and you should see new image.