SAP ASE Tempdb is Full

1. Check error log to find the tempdb full.

2. Find out the space free in tempdb using

select lct_admin(‘logsegment_freepages’dbid)

3. dum tran with truncate only if still full than..

4. dump tran with no_log still full than..

5. Find process from syslogshold/sysprocesses.
Inform user about condition ask for killing if he says yes then

6. Kill the process

If user says no than alter the tempdb

7. You can also use lct_admin(‘abort’,0,2) to kill all suspended transactions or last on recomendation restart the server

How to find which sid is filling tempdb ?

The best is to use the montables. Make sure you have mon tables activated. Once verified you can issue the following select statement:

select SPID, DBName, ObjectName, PartitionSize from master..monProcessObject where DBID = tempdb_id(SPID) order by SPID